Monday, 10 February 2014

Zombie Self-Defense Force (2 Stars)

It's a typical day in the woods in a holiday resort close to Mount Fuji. A film crew is photographing the beautiful idol Hitomi for her next DVD release. Two Yakuza members are burying one of their victims. The Japanese army is searching for a cave where a Japanese soldier called Kotodo committed harakiri at the end of World War Two, because his body never decomposed due to his immense hatred for the Americans. And in the resort's hotel a married businessman is planning to kill his lover because she is pregnant.

The army patrol finds a woman who has hanged herself in the woods. At that moment a UFO crashes. The hanged woman comes back to life as a zombie. The Yakuza's victim rises as a zombie, along with all the other people they have previously buried in the woods. Kotodo rises as a super-soldier. The survivors flee to the hotel, but the pregnant woman's baby has burst out of his mother's dead body and is flying from room to room killing everyone in sight.

There's a brief scene with zombie schoolgirls. If that had lasted longer I might have enjoyed the film more. As zombie films go, this must be one of the silliest ever made. Only recommendable to hardcore zombie fans.

P.S. The spelling of "defense" with an "s" is probably the American spelling that annoys me the most. I can tolerate "color" and "traveling", and I even write "favorite" myself, but "defense" looks totally wrong.

P.P.S. Even though "favourite" is the official British English spelling, "favorite" is acceptable as an alternative in England. I've read that even the poet William Wordsworth spelt the word without a "u".

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