Sunday, 16 February 2014

World's End (5 Stars)

This was doubtless the best film of 2013. Nothing else came close. It's unbelievable that it hasn't received a single Oscar nomination. I won't say anything about the plot in this post, because I already described it last year, so if you haven't seen the film yet read my post from July 2013.

Today was the second time I watched it. I excitedly unpacked my shiny new Blu-ray Disc when it arrived in the mail. I've just got through all the special features, except for the commentaries. There are THREE commentary tracks. I hope they're all interesting. Unfortunately there's no commentary by Quentin Tarantino this time round. His commentary (actually more of a conversation with Edgar Wright than a commentary) on the "Hot Fuzz" Blu-ray is amazing.

I only noticed today the connections with a royal quest. Gary is King Arthur, Steve is a prince, Andy is a knight, Pete is a page, Oliver is a chamberlain. If you remember their respective roles while watching the film it all makes sense.

Here are the first 11 pubs of the Newton Haven Pub Crawl in order.

1. The First Post

2. The Old Familiar

3. The Famous Cock

4. The Cross Hands

5. The Good Companions

6. The Trusty Servant

7. The Two Headed Dog

8. The Mermaid

9. The Beehive

10. The King's Head

11. The Hole In The Wall

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