Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Cold Fish (5 Stars)

Life is pain.

Two weeks in the life of a simple Japanese businessman. Nobuyuki Shamoto runs a small shop selling tropical fish. He lives a dull life with his wife and daughter. Every day he eats the microwave meals his wife serves him without complaining. His only escape from daily routine is to sit in the town's planetarium and watch the stars, preferably holding his wife's hand.

Things change when Shamoto meets Murata, the owner of a large fish shop. Murata offers to make Shamoto his business partner, which he naively accepts, not realising what sort of man Murata is. Murata takes possession of his daughter, his wife, and finally Shamoto himself, forcing him to become his accomplice in a series of brutal murders.

This is the second film in Sion Sono's Hate Trilogy, and possibly one of the best films ever made. It's a work of genius.

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