Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Body Chemistry (4 Stars)

After watching "Body Chemistry 4" for the first time in September I thought I would go back and watch the first three installments, all of which I haven't watched for many years. This film has been accused of copying "Basic Instinct", but it was actually made two years earlier. That just shows that there are no completely original ideas in films.

Dr. Tom Redding works in a research laboratory which investigates the chemical reactions in the body when test subjects are sexually stimulated. A nice job. Another company wants to investigate the correlation between the chemical reactions of sex and violence, and they send a consultant, Dr. Claire Archer, to work in Tom's laboratory. On their first day working together Claire ties Tom up and seduces him. He feels guilty, because he has a wife and son, but he's unable to resist her. Over the next few weeks an intense sadomasochistic relationship develops. Eventually Tom breaks off the relationship, but Claire takes revenge on Tom and his family, not because she really wants Tom, but because she doesn't like to be rejected. Tom decides to fight back, leading to a showdown between the weak man and the strong woman.

On a negative note, the DVD that I watched today is a double-sided DVD, with the first two "Body Chemistry" films on opposite sides. I hate that. I utterly despise double-sided DVDs. There's no excuse for them. At least there are no double-sided Blu Rays. I hope not, at least. If you intend to buy this film, please follow the link above (click the picture) which will lead you to a single-sided DVD release.

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